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Customer Service Funnel + Follow up Automations

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Created/coded a contact intake form that has robust automations behind it, tagging contacts in a variety of ways, sending relevant information to them, and following up with them until their needs or met and a warm hand-off can happen. Tools used: ActiveCampaign Forms, ActiveCampaign Automations, Squarespace

Les Miserables: A Twitter Revolution

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Master’s Thesis research focused on creating a marketing campaign for Theatre Baton Rouge’s summer 2013 production of “Les Miserables.” The core of this research examines fan activity and audiences’ perceived realism of the characters as well as their connectedness to the narratives of the stage play, when interacting with their favorite characters through the medium of Twitter. This method of promotion was both a Revolution for the non-profit theatre, as well as a new way to look at media effects research with a quasi-experimental approach.

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This campaign required nearly a year of researching the story of “Les Miserables,” reinterpreting the narratives of the characters through their pseudo realistic Twitter personae, managing social media and distributing nearly 400 Tweets from nine character accounts, collaborating with Theatre Baton Rouge to craft messaging targeting audiences in promoting the campaign as well as promote the follow-up survey hosted on Qualtrics, and collecting data in conjunction with running analyses in SPSS to test research questions and hypotheses.

(VIDEO: TEDxLSU student speaker submission 2014; discuss research as well as the connection to both my personal interests and the purpose of TED Talks.)

Original “Les Miserables” artwork licensed to Theatre Baton Rouge for use in campaign and promotions for the production. These designs are an extension of this brand, creatively adapted for use in the campaign.

Rediscover Running Campaign – The Louisiana Marathon

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Social media and print mini-campaign created as a project for a graduate-level advertising campaigns course in the LSU Manship School of Mass Communication. Client is The Louisiana Marathon and purpose of campaign was to promote the local 5K race on the weekend of events. The message strategy here is to motivate the “everyday” casual/non-runner to join Lauren as she challenges herself to train for the race. The logos and color identity used are assets of The Louisiana Marathon, but the creative spin of the brand is unique to this campaign.

“Social Swag” Interactive iBook

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Interactive iBook and Blog site integrated design as part of a graduate-level strategic communications campaign course in the LSU Manship School of Mass Communication. Challenge was to craft messaging, strategies, and tactics to repackage and communicate given content — which was originally a simple wiki site devoted to defining and explaining social media technologies. This iBook was a solution to conveying the information in an exciting, accessible, and interactive way with the target audience of Student Organization leaders. This campaign team collectively created the brand “Geaux Connect” and the product “#SocialSwag: Free Marketing Ideas for LSU Student Organizations” which was an iBook hosted on the blog site as well as available for download in the iTunes bookstore. Team delegated responsibilities of researching social media technologies, writing body copy, and brainstorming promotional tactics.

My role in campaign: iBook design, blog creation/hosting, site design and navigation, digital publishing to iTunes Store, and creative integration of user generated content to automatically publish to blog and sort by media type/topic.

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Mike The Tiger App Design

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“Mike The Tiger” app design created as a project for a graduate-level advertising design course in the LSU Manship School of Mass Communication. This mobile application is a digital addition to a larger print publication documenting the history of the LSU living mascot, “Mike The Tiger.” The design of this mobile app allows users to enter in either a reading or writing mode. While the “reading” mode allows for reviewing existing content, history, and photos of Mike and his habitat on the LSU campus, the “writing” mode allows for the sharing and aggregating of user-generated testimonials, stories, and photos. This app is designed to celebrate the history of LSU while integrating the experience of visiting “Mike” with others through the sharing of the memorable moments of a new generation of LSU fans.